According to experts, eCross elliptical trainer will be a powerhouse in cardio equipment because of the ability to burn up to 400 calories within only 30 minutes of training.

eCross’ structural design:

  • The movement adjusting system is designed with magnetic mechanism allowing eCross to operate effectively.

Durable bearings with high rigidity.

Components of the eCross are designed suitably with users’ needs.

Structure ribs as well as handlers, pedals are made of stainless powder coated steel,

Users will be confident with the beauty and the ability to clean the product.

Flexible usage:

-  No limit training, users can train anytime, anywhere they want.

- Trainings are not affected with weather conditions.

Smart LED Monitor shows SPEED, TIME, DISTANCE, CALORIES and PULSE. Not only tracking the body’s conditions, OKIA eCross’ monitor allows trainers to use various programme for individual needs.

eCross eliptical can be used by everyone in the family. There are 8 different modes including jogging, running, climbing so that users can have options to choose from.

OKIA eCross is suitable with everyone including men, women in all age range.


- eCross eliptical

- Model: KWH 939

- Weight: 46 Kg