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eEscalade+ multipurpose treadmill:

In addition to main functions with diversified exercises, eEscalade+ also supplements new features to give users more choices: massager for fat burning, mechanical twisting plate, etc. to enhance the exercising capacity for a firm and slim body.


Sharp Led monitor displaying features: exercises, running speed, burnt calories, pulse, etc.

Remote controller helps users choose exercises easily.



Pulse handle: controlling pulse

Vibration damper to reduce pressure on legs, protect knee joints of users

Safety belt for users to protect users in using


Move easily and fold tidily after use to best save your house space

eEscalade+ also has inductive sensor for speed measurement and EMI system to prevent wave interference and protect the machine in use.


You will no longer worry about exercises, eEscalade+ will provide you with: 

Strong body

Money saving

Space saving

Time saving

No worry about weather

Use will have a strong, slim, firm body easily with eEscalade+ treadmill.

Call the hotline or go to nearest showroom of OKIA to experience, receive advice and purchase the product.




-Name: Treadmill eEscalade+
-Model: KWH 940
-Voltage: AC-220V   50Hz
-Speed: 1 – 13km/h
-Weight:  100 Kg
-Dimenssion: 1400x475
-MP3 Connection, sound system: Yes
-Lifting angle: 1-10 degrees