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eLove sofa massage chair: “Small but powerful”

eLove is the latest product by OKIA in the mini chair market segment. Small in size, eLove offer choices for rooms with limited space. Despite that, the sofa still possesses great power like OKIA’s other “giants”.

“SL” type technology is implemented based on researches on human bodies. With the total length of 100 cm, eLove can improve the “S” curve of human body, relax vertebra and releasing tensed muscle.

OKIA eLove comes with 4 pieces of 3D Powerful Knead Balls. The most immediate effect of this relaxation and massage sofa is pain relief. A good treatment for 15 minutes on OKIA eLove on the neck and shoulder will effectively eliminate soreness, loosen your muscles and relax them.

With 2 separate massaging mechanism, eLove can massage neck, shoulder and back at the same time.

A combination of 10 powerful Knead Balls provides a fullfiling massage treatment for anyone experiencing back or shoulder pain. With OKIA eLove, overworked and tired muscles will be more relaxed.

The development of the society causes many unexpected consequences. When devices can replace, human tend to sit more and it will create many health problems.

eLove possesses The combination of 3D massage technology and 3P (3 Powerful) massaging experience:

  • Powerful shiatsu massage

The powerful knead-balls push firmly on the neck and shoulders, improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

  • Powerful kneading massage

      The power kneadball move in tandem along your spine to relax stiff muscles and relieve back aches.

  • Powerful Tapping

      Provides a firm and effective tapping massage, targeting the common problem of lower back stiffness.

Besides that, our daily lifestyles may dramatically affect bone structure, especially pelvic structure:

  • Wearing high heels
  • Wrong sitting posture
  • Harsh working environment
  • Wrong standing posture

Equipped with Pelvic Corrective Technology with extra momentum power to massage the pelvic area. Both OKIA eLove’s side airbags work together to correct realign pelvic position. These functions are effective in soothing the soreness caused by the strain in the back of buttocks, neuralgia and muscle ache.

AERO Surround Sound

OKIA eLove creates the ultimate home theater experience for the user with the built in AERO Surround Sound. The Aero Surround Sound Speaker delivers powerful, crisp and clear sound from the small audio box. The combination of left and right side firing driver to port surrounds the sofa in sound.

Built-in Speaker with bluetooth connectivity

Allow user to immerse in the sound effects from both sides of eLove sofa. When the mind and body are in SYNC, the level of relataxion and rejuvenation are heightened allowing for a maximized total body experience. Waze away your stress and worries and relax the mind, soul and body to the fullest..

With elite design, OKIA eLove can be placed in different areas:

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Reading room

Besides that, the small size helps the mini sofa suitable with almost every space it is placed.


Name: eLove massage chair

Model: KWH 944

Voltage: 220V – 50Hz

Power Consumption: 60W

Time: 15 minutes