Considered the second heart of the body, human feet. There are approximately 7000 nerves and 2000 endocrine glands  linking with arteries and veins.  Feet also contain various important  acupuncture points of the body.

It is often unnoticed that human feet can easily become tired. There are some common causes which lead to tiring feed including:

  • Standing for a long time
  • Obesity
  • Walking
  • Wearing high heels



eMiracle foot massager is a combination of Chinese, Japanese and Thai massaging techniques with modern technology. With eMiracle, users will have an in-house massaging specialist at home.


eMiracle will knead both feet as well as continuously tap on the heels. This will create the distinctive massaging experience for users by executing total massage for feet to stimulate reflex points.


Tapping massage:

The combination of technology and massaging techniques provide the ability to execute the most realistic acupuncture massaging.

eMiracle taps on users’ heels, and simontaneously massage the foot pads. It is recommended that users should hold feet till and push deeply into the massager. It will benefit nerves and sleeping

Heat treatment

eMiracle also has heat treatment to widen blood vessel to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness.


Airbags and rollers combination:

With roller system in the bottom part combined with airbags throughout the device, eMiracle can massage every single part of the feet to increase blood circulation and detoxicating process.

Users can simply adjust the strength of the massage according to individual needs.


  • Name:  eMiracle foot massager
  • Model: KWH 943
  • Voltage: DC 24 V
  • Power: 36 W

Time: 15 minutes