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Sophisticated design on each line. Luxurious design.

The entire white frame made from high quality plastics used in automobile technology in Japan and European countries with high durability and friendly to human.

eMonarch is compared to a white pearl in the world of massage chairs.


Designed to save space

eMonarch is easily unfolded and folded after use within 30 cm.

It is a long step of development in the industry of massage chairs.


Applying modern technology, eMonarch is the first chair in the market to be controlled by smart phone or tablet via available software.


Integrated optical sensor system through which OPTO eMonarch helps to detect the exact location of acupuncture points during massage.

This technology helps the massage reach optimum performance, actually helps the body relieve all stress, fatigue ..

Zero Gravity Technology

This posture helps the body bear the lowest gravity of the earth in order to bring the maximum relaxation to users during massage.


Multi-airbag massage

Shoulder airbags are adjusted smoothly with reasonable shrinkage so that airbag massage will achieve the best efficiency like massaging by human hands.


Arm and buttock airbag massage

The entire buttock and arms will be massaged smoothly by big airbags of eMonarch.

Leg and foot massage

Airbag massage for legs and calf will bring you both metal and physical relaxation, relieve pain and prevent contraction


Music massage therapy

eMonarch is the perfect combination of mechanical massage and music therapy to bring optimum efficiency to users.


Heat therapy

eMonarch is one of the first massage chairs using heat massage technology. This heat therapy will best improve the circulation and burn fat efficiently.


“L” shaped roller

Long massage area with “L” shaped massage roller makes the massage roller run along the backbone to the buttock of the body and bring optimum efficiency in massage.



Name : Massage chair eMonarch

Model:  KWH 903        

Voltage:     220V - 50Hz    

Power:   260 W

Duration: 20 minutes


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