Why do we need to use humidifier in using air conditioner?

When the temperature in using air conditioner decreases, the humidity in air will reduce suddenly making our skin dry, tissue almost dry and thirsty easily. Reduction of humidity also makes the respiratory system of the body injured easily


Humidifier helps your skin to maintain water longer

Soft and smooth mists absorb evenly and deeply into the epidermis and hypodermis layers making your skin smooth and fresh.


ePure absorbs deeply into skin cells protecting skin from being dry and choppy

Water particles absorb into skin surface adding water to cells, maintaining a smooth and healthy skin

Effects of this additional water are more efficient than other normal face masks.



ePure humidifies quickly with suitable moisture to help your respiratory system healthier

Give you an environment with suitable humidity preventing respiratory diseases.


ePure creates negative ion with prominent effects

- Increase oxygen to brain, refresh your mind, and remove stress and tiredness.

- Better blood circulation, easier and faster carriage of blood oxygen

- Protect cell membrane, strengthen immunity

- Exterminate bacteria, microbe in the air, reduce respiratory stimulator causing cough, sneeze and itchy throat.


The body is made from imported ABS plastic. ABS plastic is tested and meets ROHS on environmental protection, nontoxic. Such material meets safety standard

It is used to produce baby milk bottle.



-Model: KWH 927
-Power: 30W
-Voltage: 200-240V 
-Capacity: 5 lít 
-Noise: Low
-Evaporation : > 300ml/H