eSofa  massager in sofa shape

Not purely as massager, its sofa-shape design can combine various functions: both massager and furniture in your room.


8 back massage heads help to massage and relax the entire region of back and along spine.

You can both relax sipping a cup of tea and enjoying massage to relieve stress and refresh the body.

The air bag system for both sides of waist combined with air bag for buttocks will massage the whole buttocks and circulate vitality.

The product will tone up, slim the size 3 gradually and effectively.


For the thermal massage function at 8 massage heads on the back, you can choose thermal massage or not.

This function will circulate vitality and stimulate blood circulation effectively.


      The sofa back can be easily adjusted with various angles, helping user get options for various purposes:

Seating for massage, lying to watch film like a sofa, taking backrest for drinking tea, etc


      eSofa can be used as a sofa placed in guest room, office, balcony, etc. for purpose of furniture and massage device.



A third slim round is not too difficult when you use eSofa.



- Name: OKIA eSofa
- Model: KWH 904
- Voltage: 100 – 240 V
- Power: 26 W