iPro is designed integrally with two components: induction  cooker  and infrared cooker, with many preeminent functions in the most state-of-the-art production technology.

The induction cooking zone is applied with extremely heating technology, it reaches to 500oC within 5 minutes, through which cooking becomes easily and promptly.


         iPro surface is designed with effective heat efficiency of 90% as compared with heat efficiency of spirit stove of 48% and gas cooker of 50%; temperature can be changed from low to high very quickly thus time and energy for cooking can be saved.

         iPro surface is designed with effective heat efficiency of up to 93%.



Smart control chip is used for iPro , with accurate temperature control capability and extended boiling engineering to retain good nutrients of all foods.

It is non-smoke cooking technology to assure people's health in the developed life.


The entire surface is made of glass ceramic by SCHOTT CERAN®  in Mainz, Germany, which is capable to resist against sudden heat shock up to 750oC.

 The control panel is designed user-friendly so it is very easy for use and control.



       With iPro you can use all pots without worry about waste or mis-function of set of pots and pans available in your home.

        With the induction cooking zone, you can use magnetisable cookware.

        The infrared cooking zone is not picky with pot or cookware material,  you can use pots made of stainless steel, cast iron, glass or clay pot, etc.


        On the basis of actual demand of user, iPro is designed user-friendly.

        iPro can be placed both on rise and immersed surfaces but its luxuriousness and fashion iPro bring to your kitchen are never reduced.


iPro is friendly and not harmful for health: 

  The induction cooking zone: The electromagnetic waves emitted from the kitchen has very low intensity, just heats the bottom of the pot direct contacted on stovetop so it is harmless to the user.

  The infrared cooking zone generates heating infrared rays thanks to bulbs, in fact, even animals and people at temperature of 37oC  also produce infrared rays, for which science have demonstrated.



         It is not exaggerated that iPro is a product of excellent combination of fashion and functions.

         With simple design and luxurious shape, iPro shall highlight your kitchen.




-Name: iPro  2in1 induction & infrared cooker
-Model: KWH 933
-Voltage: 220V-240V ~
-Power:  2000W + 2000W