Proper usage and storage of massage pillow

Many people buying massage pillow but they are likely not to understand thoroughly usage and storage methods for this healthcare equipment. In the following article, OKIA will instruct people to use and store the massage pillow properly in order to use the product efficiently and safely.



 As we all know, massage pillow is intelligent healthcare equipment which is preferred by many people. Due to reasons such as working pressure, pathology, age, weather, etc., human body is painful, stressful, people get insomnia, etc. At this time, a massage pillow will be very helpful; massage pillow is able to remove pains by modes of massaging, pressing to bring people good and deep sleep, comfortable mind and quick recovery of habitus. 




Thanks to such wonderful utility, the massage pillow is considered as a personal nurse of each person, each family. However, not all people know how to use the massage pillow to have best efficiency in healthcare as well as how to store the pillow to use it for a long time. Some people do not exploit absolutely utilities of the massage pillow so they have not experienced the entire wonderfulness of the product; some people do not know how to store the pillow so it is damaged quickly and not safe in using. 

The usage of the massage pillow is very simple; you should not use the massage pillow too long to get your body familiar with operation of the pillow. After getting familiar, you can increase the massage time a bit; however, the maximum time should be 30 minutes. Before and after using the pillow, you should drink 500cc of warm water for better metabolism and blood circulation in order to promote effects of the massage pillow to the maximum extent. The massage pillow can be used to massage, press focal points, massage head, neck, shoulders, scruff, abdomen, back, thigh, thigh muscle, calf,  biceps, hands, etc. and other positions on the body so you should take maximum advantage of this product in caring your health. Do not use for pregnant women and children.

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