Strategy & People

With experience and enthusiastic consultancy of foreign medical specialists, OKIA continues discovering and developing new market, carrying out international professional trainings to meet demand of consumers. The Company objective is to put OKIA into customer's mind as the image of the "Number 1 in service and brand". In fact, OKIA deploys the most advanced corporate software system for corporate operation such as COSO from America.  Our staffs and managers are always following up OKIA Strategy and believing strongly that OKIA can become a Number 1 brand in the world.

In Okia, our marketing philosophy is consistent. We always find the best optimal method to put our product to numerous customers. This is also a reason why OKIA showrooms are designed in the open, friendly but very elegant and polite manner.

We establish a human resource that is effective at work. We train them in terms of profession and living skills. Thus an OKIA staff works as salesman but also consultant and instructor introducing products' effects to help them obtain objectives in health in the best and the most saving manner, recognize their selection is right. Moreover, we focus mostly on "satisfying market demand" where are our customers; we can get useful feedback to help OKIA unceasingly produce better products for numerous customer.

Product marketing activities at high-class business centers and electrical and mechanical supermarkets in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries as well as activities for community aim at bringing the best quality products and services to customers, which are only supplied by OKIA only. At the same time we are in association with reputed firms such as Techcombank, HSBC, ANZ, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus,Toyota, Honda, California Fitness….. to expand OKIA FRIENDS cards' benefits and preferential policy for customers. With all above mentioned efforts, we do believe that customers shall always satisfy with OKIA.